Magical Experiences

Star Welcome

When your guests walk into your venue, they'll be welcomed with your custom message and sound.

Make Them Glow

Turn your audience into a magical part of your light show. Immerse them into the show like never before!


Push drinks promotions, event posters, sponsor messages, or even a free music track to your guests phones.

Say Hello

First impressions are so important. Welcome your guests to your event in style, with a custom message and notification sound as soon as they walk into your venue.

Make them glow
Light up your crowd
  1. Colours & Sequences

    Change the screen to a variety of colours. Utilising sequences, strobes and chases.

  2. LED Flash Control

    Full control of the LED flash. Pulse, twinkle, strobe, and more!

  3. Speed Control

    The strobing sequences and transitions all happen in time to the music. Under your complete control.

It's all about you
Promote your brand

You can display anything that you wish on the audiences' phone screens. Be it drinks promotions, event posters or what time the next band will be on the stage. Keep your audience in the loop about your brand.

It's all about you
Custom apps

Custom apps are fully branded for your event, show or tour. These really engage your audience with your brand. You can include sponsors and we can even create bespoke interactive experiences, including video playback integration.

Touring bands Festivals

Club nights Theme Park Attractions

Television Charity Events

Theatre Productions Church Productions

For the techs
Technical info

CrowdGlow Transmitter

  • Live control of unlimited mobile phones
  • Tour-ready, small & rugged
  • No WiFi or 3G connection required by users
  • Any size of venue
  • iOS & Android support

CrowdGlow Control

  • iPad app lets you live control all of the phones in the venue
  • Full colour, speed, & sequence mode selections
  • Create a cue sheet for easy control during the show
Let's talk
Contact info

If you’d like to work with us to integrate CrowdGlow technology into your event, please contact us by sending an email to:

We’ll be in touch very soon to discuss how we can create some magic together.